M&J Fiorista: Crafting Floral Dreams Since 2016 At M. Fiorista, our roots were born from a visionary young entrepreneur's dream to sprinkle love and happiness through exquisite, bespoke flowers.

Our signature is quality, combining top-tier fresh blooms with personalized gift baskets, all at attractive prices, backed by our team's professional and friendly service. We're storytellers, using flowers as our language to create unique moments, making every occasion enchanting.

Step into our Italian-inspired flower shop, let our experienced florists curate the perfect bouquet, and turn your moments into beautifully arranged reality.

Call us at +971 56 364 0422; let's craft your story with petals.


Mission: Transform the market, perception of flowers from occasion-only gifts to everyday treats.

Enhancing moments, one petal at a time.

Vision: To grow our service into a more prestigious flower business within the Middle East with our own self-sustained farm.


M. Fiorista’s highly skilled staff are well-equipped in creating fresh flower arrangements and decorations for all corporate and individual events.

Our services are customised to fit each individual occasion and taste and are crafted to cater to all occasions from weddings, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events and more!

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